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auto radiators, aluminum radiators, custom aluminum racing radiators, custom aluminum race car radiatorsauto radiators, aluminum radiators, custom aluminum racing radiators, custom aluminum race car radiatorsauto radiators, aluminum radiators, custom aluminum racing radiators, custom aluminum race car radiatorsauto radiators, aluminum radiators, custom aluminum racing radiators, custom aluminum race car radiatorsauto radiators, aluminum radiators, custom aluminum racing radiators, custom aluminum race car radiatorsauto radiators, aluminum radiators, custom aluminum racing radiators, custom aluminum race car radiators


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Pricing: All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Custom Made Items: All custom made items require a non-refundable 50% deposit, personal or company check must pay on Ron Davis Racing Product’s account before manufacture will start. The balance must be prepaid with a credit card or C.O.D. Money Order or Cashier’s Check. Personal or company checks must pay on Ron Davis Racing Product’s account before shipment is made.


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The following are failures that are not manufacturer defects and therefore not covered under warranty.

Improper Flush - Cooling systems require a through flush of the engine, overflow tank, hoses and heater core. Failure to do so will lead to mixing coolants and contaminates, creating a deadly cocktail for the radiator and cooling system. 

Corrosion The correct coolant mixture prescribed by the coolant manufacture of choice must be maintained. Mixing incompatible components can cause catastrophic damage to the radiator and cooling system.  

Electrolysis Electrolysis is the systematic removal of the protective layer on the inside of the radiator tubes due to improper grounding. Electrical grounding problems can stem from poor installation of aftermarket accessories or incorrect vehicle collision damage repairs on street applications. Brass components in the cooling system are to be avoided, as brass promotes electrolysis. (See attached instructions “Testing for Electrolysis in Cooling Systems”)


Specifications and Materials: Materials and designs of may be changed without notice. All merchandise information was correct and true at the time of printing.


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Exchanges/ Items Suspected Of Defect: Call Ron Davis Racing Products explain your problem and acquire a Return Goods Authorization number (RGA number). The RGA number must be written on the package in large numbers next to the address label. Any package not having a RGA number will be refused. Please enclose the original invoice in the box. Do not reuse the original box and packing material to return merchandise. We recommend you insure the return package with the carrier for its purchased value. An uninsured and or improperly packaged return item received by Ron Davis Racing Products with damage sustained during return shipping, will result in Ron Davis Racing Products not receiving an allowable return or exchange due to shipping damage. All returns must be clean and oil free. Any package that appears to be oil soaked or stained will be refused. Goods returned may be subject to a restocking fee up to 20%. The RGA number does not guarantee replacement. In our opinion an item indicating improper handling, packaging, installation or improper installation may not be eligible for return or exchange. Shipments must be sent/delivered to Ron Davis Racing Products at 7334 North 108th Avenue Glendale, Arizona 85307


Refunds / Credit: Custom radiators, fluid tanks, and electrical items cannot be returned. For items that can be returned, a restocking fee of 20% may apply to your refund or credit. Credit can be applied to your next order. Should there be an approved refund, the original invoice must be returned before refund.



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aluminum radiators, custom aluminum radiator, race car radiator, aluminum race car radiators




I got stuck in traffic last week and sat for 1 hour, the engine temp never went above 180deg. and that was in 90 degree weather. If I had the old radiator in the car, I would've had to pull over and wait. It works GREAT!    I get more compliments on the radiator than I do the car!


John G.

Thanks Again!


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Default Unsolicited commercial for Ron Davis Radiators

In the spring I bought/installed a new Ron Davis Radiator for my 69 Camaro with their shroud and dual fans. I didn't have a chance to give it a good test until this past weekend, though. On Saturday, we drove from Valencia, CA to Huntington Beach, CA (about 80-90 miles). When we left, the outside temp was about 101*, and traffic was stop and go the whole way. Well, I ran the a/c the whole time, and the coolant temp never got above 180*!! On Sunday we went to the "Chevy Madness" show, and then drove home in the late afternoon. Again, we ran the a/c the whole time and the motor never ran hot.

I previously ran one of your competitors aluminum radiators with a single 15" Flex-a-Lite electric puller fan. On hot days I would have to turn off the a/c and the motor would still get up to 220*!!

Thanks again to everyone at RDR for making a great product!



Subject: 1990 mustang dual fan w/shroud setup

Dear Sir,
I'm writing to you to let you know how happy I have been with the purchase of your dual 12" fan shroud with recovery tank for my 1990 kenne-bell SC mustang.  I have tried MANY other combinations and spent hundreds of dollars trying to keep my high HP mustang cool in the summer heat.  You product was easy to install and the quality is great!  I opted for the 5 blade spal fans in my combination for a little extra CFM.  After last summer, I can honestly say your product/design is great.  I can run my mustang in 90 degree weather in stop and go driving with the a/c on and the engine temps DO NOT go above 185 degrees (I run a 180 thermostat). 

I can't tell you how happy I have been with your product.   

Brett S.
1990 red convertible Kenne-Bell SC mustang



I have to tell you that I am stunned at the quality of work you guys
do! The craftsmanship on this piece of hardware is over the top.
Everyone here in the shop came over to look at it - you would have
thought this was a pin-up poster or something along those lines.

Thank you so much for such a great performance part.



Phoenix, Arizona



Hey Guys,

Everything is working really well.  The radiator has
made a big difference.  The car feels totally
different now that it is running at operating
temperature.  Took it out this weekend for a two hour
drive, averaging about 85mph, and the fans didn't even
need to kick on the car was running so cool.  I never
had this happen, no matter what the outside temperature
was.  I feel like I bought my car another 20 years of
life with this change.


Appreciate all your help.

Happy holidays,


1984 Ferrari 308 GTS


Dear Sir,

Just a note to thank you for building such a quality product.  My 400hp small block Ford powered Bronco is running perfect thanks to my Ron Davis Aluminum Radiator.  The product has exceeded our expectations for its cooling capability.
Karl Bradley




Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated your time and energy in the last few weeks.  We had an unfortunate electrolysis problem which destroyed our radiator.  We tried everything including rewiring the car to find the problem. Tim in customer service was incredibly helpful, and sent us many materials on electrolysis and countless phone calls assisting us. We finally found we had a faulty starter which has sending intermittent surges during start up. We subsequently won the race the next day, and have had no further problems.  Thank you for your outstanding customer service.  We now have Ron Davis radiators on my husband’s altered as well as my dragster.  The quality and service of these products are outstanding. We will definitely recommend you to all of our friends.


Kelly Peterson

2002 SuperPro Champion

Southern Oregon Dragway




Well I finally got to test the new radiator!! Temps went down and I am very happy with the final results!!!! We have a race next weekend and I will show off the final thing to all the other Alfa guys!

Here is a link to my comments about the results.


THANKS for a great product!

Eliseo Carrillo



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